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Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Garage Door Contractor in Boston

Given the shocking number of injuries and accidents caused by defective garage doors each year, it is wise to promptly repair and regularly maintain these heavy-moving household equipment. Any attempt to perform such repair or maintenance by yourself to save some money is equally hazardous to your well-being. A garage door has many mechanical parts that facilitate its intricate operation every time. Therefore, it is smart to leave the repairs of your garage door to a well-trained technician who has the right tools to complete your job in conformity with federal garage door safety standards. However, when you are in search of a garage door repair contractor in Boston ensure to ask the following questions to determine the competence of the technician:

Are You Licensed to Practice as a Garage Door Repair Contractor in Boston?

In order to carry out garage door works in Boston, garage door contractors have to register for a Home Improvement Contractor license (HIC) with the Office of Consumer Affairs and Business Regulation (OCABR). The HIC covers contractor work on an existing residential property in Boston with one to four units.

To register, contractors need to pay a registration fee of $150 and a mandatory contribution to the Guaranty Fund of $100 if you are an individual or up to $500, depending on the number of employees you have as a company. Note that the HIC license lasts for two years, after which registration must be renewed with a $100 renewal fee. Users may apply for this license online, via mail, or in person at the Division's office, which is located at:

1000 Washington Street
Suite 710
Boston, MA 02118

The City of Boston places high importance on registration and licensing. Working without a valid license may result in a defaulter paying fines of up to $5,000 and receiving a two-year prison sentence. Use the Home Improvement Contractor Registration Lookup provided by the Office of Consumer Affairs and Business Regulation to verify a contractor's Home Improvement License.

For additional information on Home Improvement Contractor license or garage door contracting licensing in Boston, contact the Office of Consumer Affairs and Business Regulation at (617) 973-8787 or visit their office at the address listed above.

How Much Do You Charge Compared to Other Garage Door Repair Contractors in the City?

The cost of garage door repairs in Boston is greatly influenced by the extent of the damage, the style and design of the garage door, the type of material used to construct it, the finishes on overhead doors, the amount of labor necessary for the task, and your particular location within the city.

Before making a choice, it is in your best interest to get and compare quotes from several local garage door repair professionals. Once you are confident of the expenses associated with each item, carefully review these bids. In addition to giving you the advantage of getting a trustworthy estimate of the cost of your required repair services, this safeguards you against being taken advantage of by dishonest garage repair door professionals.

When asking for cost estimates from these companies, make sure to be very specific about the nitty-gritty of the assignment. Likewise, avoid simply selecting the contractor with the lowest bid. Look into the factors that led to their lower pricing and keep an eye out for other information like their area of expertise and licensing status.

Garage door repair contractors in Boston earn an annual average wage of $63,620. The list below compares the hourly average wages of these contractors with those of garage door repair contractors in other major Massachusetts cities as well as other locations across the country:

Boston Garage Door Repair Contractors Hourly Average Wage
New Bedford Garage Door Repair Contractors Hourly Average Wage
Cambridge Garage Door Repair Contractors Hourly Average Wage
Springfield Garage Door Repair Contractors Hourly Average Wage
Worcester Garage Door Repair Contractors Hourly Average Wage
New York City Garage Door Repair Contractors Hourly Average Wage
Phoenix Garage Door Repair Contractors Hourly Average Wage
Chicago Garage Door Repair Contractors Hourly Average Wage
Houston Garage Door Repair Contractors Hourly Average Wage
Philadelphia Garage Door Repair Contractors Hourly Average Wage
Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

What Kind of Garage Door Services Do You Offer?

The city's garage door repair companies typically provide a wide range of services to Boston residents. There are four groups of these services, including:

  • Garage Door Installation: This service typically involves the installation of brand new garage doors and garage door openers. People moving into newly constructed houses, homeowners making home changes, and people wishing to replace their old garage doors and garage door openers usually need these services. A new garage door installation in Boston might cost between $942 and $1,870, including labor, depending on the door's size, shape, design, and material.
  • Garage Door Repair: This service entails making sure garage doors operate without a hitch and fixing any issues that can prevent their smooth operation. The following are a few of the most sought-after garage door repair services in Boston:
    • Auto-reverse testing
    • Bent/broken garage door track repairs
    • Broken garage door cable repairs
    • Broken garage door spring repairs
    • Broken or loose hinges
    • Broken or loose rollers
    • Damaged garage door panel replacements
    • Door frame damage
    • Door panel damage
    • Moving parts lubrication
    • Roller inspections and replacements
    • Safety sensor alignments
  • Garage Door Replacement: This service is similar to door installation in that it involves repairing a damaged door or a broken part of the door opening mechanism. Materials and labor prices can be the same as for a brand-new installation. Reusing some of the old parts, such as the openers or rails, could help you save money depending on the kind of new garage door you're installing. However, check with your contractor to make sure the other parts are suitable for the new garage door before making use of them.
  • Garage Door Maintenance: This service requires having a trustworthy Boston garage door repair business do routine maintenance visits to keep a garage door in peak shape. When they come, the company will lubricate moving parts, conduct a quick inspection for damage, and check and fix the following, among other things:
    • Assess door openers
    • Assess loose hinges and roller guides
    • Assess proper spring balance
    • Assess safety sensors
    • Check the automatic reverse function
    • Check the weather seals
    • Check worn rollers and loosen tracks

Make sure the garage door repair company you are considering does the specific services you need and uses the required equipment and knowledge before entering into any contracts with them. Being mindful of this creates a greater chance that the task will be finished effectively the first time, decreasing the need to hire a more qualified contractor after a horrible job.

The following price ranges are typical for the most well-liked garage door services in Boston. Remember that the cost of these services will vary depending on the nature and extent of the service, your location within the city, and other factors:

Estimates for garage door installation based on type (materials only):

$430 - $1,230
Tilt-Up Canopy
$530 - $1,470
Tilt-Up Retractable
$630 - $2,070
$770 - $2,470
$860 - $2,960

Estimates for garage door installation based on configuration (materials only):

$620 - $1,470
$780 - $3,560
$1,470 - $7,980

Estimates for garage door installation based on size (materials only):

8' x 7'
$370 - $920
9' x 9'
$420 - $1,060
10' x 10'
$460 - $1,160
12' x 7'
$520 - $1,320
12' x 12'
$610 - $1,450
16' x 7'
$680 - $3,580
16' x 8'
$720 - $5,070

Estimates for garage door installation based on door material (materials only):

$470 - $3,570
$520 - $3,970
$720 - $2,460
$780 - $4,970
$820 - $3,070
$910 - $4,460
$970 - $5,970

Estimates for garage door installation based on style (materials only):

$720 - $1,970
$1,070 - $3,960
French Doors
$1,470 - $4,960

Estimates for garage door opener installation based on type (unit only):

$120 - $220
$130 - $280
$150 - $280
$180 - $330
$320 - $420
$320 - $520
$520 - $670

Estimates for garage door screen installation based on type (materials only):

$20 - $180
$70 - $1,480
$470 - $1,470

Estimates for garage door installation and replacement labor (per hour):

New door installation
$30 - $80
Door replacement
$35 - $180
Old door disposal
$10 - $30

Estimates for garage door repair based on door material:

$120 - $570
$170 - $620
$220 - $620
$210 - $720
$210 - $820
$220 - $970
$255 - $730

Estimates for garage door repair or replacement based on faulty components:

$90 - $290
$90 – $240
$90 - $240
$140 - $240
Circuit board
$140 - $440
$90 - $380
$115 - $640
$140 - $640
Lock Bar
$90 - $155
$90 - $290
$90 - $930
$140 - $990
$90 - $190
$90 - $165
$90 - $165
$140 - $540
$90 - $290

Estimates for garage door repair based on type of problem:

Bounces when closing
$90 - $190
Cable came off
$90 - $240
$90 - $240
$90 - $340
Sagging in the middle
$90 - $480
Opens and closes by itself
$90 - $480
$90 - $770
Snapped lock cable
$100 - $230
Sagging Header
$100 - $380
Stuck to floor
$105 - $230
Stuck closed or open
$110 - $380
$105 - $570

Will You Get the Garage Door Installation Permits as Required per the Boston Building Code?

The Inspectional Services Department of Boston's Building Division is in charge of issuing permits, conducting inspections, and examining plans and zoning. If you're constructing a completely new garage or making an addition, both of which require the installation of new garage doors, a permit is necessary.

In order to obtain a permit in Boston, you must first apply for one. You can do this in person at the Building Division office or online. During a zoning review that follows a successful application, plan examiners analyze all the documents you provided. They look for zoning code compliance and/or violations. If it passes the zoning review inspection, you are then given a permit. However, you will be denied a permit if your application does not satisfy the standards and/or violates the zoning code. However, you may submit an appeal request to the Zoning Board of Appeals for plan consistency issues or the Review Board of Appeals for zoning code issues.

Boston typically offers two major types of permits: a short-form permit for smaller projects and a long-form permit for larger projects. You can submit the Short Form Permit application either online or in person at the Building Division office. In the case of a Long Form Permit, you can start the application procedure online, but you must conclude it in person.

For further information about garage door permits in Boston or to submit an application for a permit, contact the Inspectional Services at (617) 635-5300 or visit the office at:

Building Division
1010 Massachusetts Avenue,
Fifth Floor
Boston, MA 02118

What Brands of Garage Doors Do You Work With?

Knowing the types and brands of garage doors that a potential garage door repair contractor specializes in is essential before choosing them for your garage work. Boston's most common materials used to make garage doors are steel, aluminum, fiberglass, wood composite, vinyl, and wood. They also have a variety of opening options and styles, including:

  • Carriage house double garage doors
  • French-style garage doors
  • Paneled garage doors
  • Roller garage doors
  • Sectional garage doors
  • Side-hinged garage doors
  • Side-sliding garage doors
  • Tilt-up/Up-and-over canopy garage doors
  • Tilt-up/Up-and-over retractable garage doors

Before deciding on the best sort of garage door for your home, skilled garage door repair technicians in Boston frequently evaluate your specific living circumstances. However, the following considerations must be taken into account at all times when making this choice:

  • Aesthetic appeal
  • Cost
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Insulation/energy-efficiency
  • Longevity
  • Motor strength
  • Safety
  • Security

Regardless of the type of garage door you desire for your house, you should always take into account the names of trusted, established garage door manufacturers, such as:

$850 - $8,500
CHI Overhead Doors
$820 - $4,900
$400 - $4,000
$2,200 - $7,500
$500 - $2000
$500 - $5,000

Furthermore, it is very important to keep in mind that the type and quality of the garage door opener you install will significantly affect how effective your garage door will be. Usually sold separately, these openers can be altered to meet your home's unique needs. The following are a few well-known producers of high-end garage door openers:

Chamberlain B6765T Smart Garage Door Opener
$260 - $449
Genie Aladdin Connect Smart Garage Door Opener
$91 - $272
Genie ChainDrive 550 Garage Door Opener
$179 - $415
LiftMaster 8500 Elite Series 8500
$459 - $500
Nexx Garage Smart Wi-Fi Controller NXG-200
$49 - $79

Do You Carry the Necessary Insurance Policy for Garage Door Repair Contractors in Boston?

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, at least 460 mechanical door repairers suffered workplace accidents in just 2020. You can be held liable and forced to pay a lot of money if these mishaps occur while your contractor is working on your garage door and they are not insured. The same is true for any unfavorable work-related circumstances, such as property damage or contractor errors. It is, therefore, crucial to look into the insurance status of your potential garage door repair company to decide whether they are qualified for the task.

Every employer operating in Boston, including garage door contractors, is obliged to maintain workers' compensation insurance for both their employees and themselves if they are employed by the same business. The rule remains in effect regardless of the number of employees or the number of hours they put in. Although it is not required by law for contractors in Boston to carry liability insurance, you should nevertheless make sure the contractor you engage has sufficient general liability insurance.

Any Boston garage door repair company should always present documentation demonstrating they have insurance coverage, and you should confirm this information with the pertinent insurance and bonding companies.

How to File a Complaint Against a Bad Garage Door Contractor in Boston

The Office of Consumer Affairs and Business Regulation (OCABR) is the main hub for consumer complaints regarding unfair or deceptive acts or practices used by garage door contractors in Boston. Additionally, you could raise these issues with the Massachusetts Attorney General's Office and the Boston Department of Consumer Affairs.

According to a report by the regional Boston news network WWLP in February 2022, a settlement with the Attorney General's Office barred a fraudulent home improvement contractor from operating in Massachusetts. The contractor in question was asked to pay $150,000 in reparations and was prohibited from owning or managing a construction company due to claims that he defrauded several homeowners. In order to prevent being the victim of one of these fraudsters, be wary of contractors who:

  • Said they were passing by and stopped in.
  • Employ coercion to compel you to get into business with them on a project.
  • Claim they have more material and can give a lower price; this could imply they overpaid a previous client or didn't finish the job.
  • Either demand money upfront or provide loans from a reputable lender
  • That offers you time-limited deals to hire them right away to save money.
  • Imply, by words or actions, that you do not need a contract.

You may steer clear of scams involving Boston garage door repair by following the advice below:

  • Look up reputable contractors through the International Door Association, and check the Better Business Bureau for any complaints about a potential hire.
  • Ask about recommendations. When you get them, ask these prior clients questions thoroughly and attentively, such as whether the job was finished on time and whether any unexpected costs emerged. Ask about a job that is currently being completed.
  • Get a legally binding contract before spending money or starting any work. See the fine print for a complete job description, material costs, start and end dates, and warranty details.
  • Verify that everything pertaining to the job is in order once more before completing the final payment.
  • Never select the offer with the lowest price. If faced with such low bids, find out why one contractor's quote is substantially less than that of others. To undercut the competition, some contractors make mistakes.
  • Do not leave the management of your finances to the contractor. In order for you to pay for repairs, scammers may try to get you to take out a reverse mortgage or home equity loan, but since the lender would pay them directly, they won't have much incentive to do so.
  • Before approving any work, obtain certified, written quotes from many contractors and compare them.
  • Use a check or credit card instead of cash because it is simpler to dispute these payment methods in the event of a scam.
  • Put down a small amount of money. The down payment must be made on the day that the materials are delivered and cannot be more than one-third of the total estimate.

You can report deceitful or inept garage door repair businesses and garage door repair scams in Boston to the Office of Consumer Affairs and Business Regulation (OCABR) by calling  (617) 973-8787 or by sending an email. You can also visit their office at:

501 Boylston Street,
Suite 5100,
Boston, MA 02116

You can also report such cases of garage door scams to the Boston Department of Consumers by contacting their office at (617) 635-3834 or by sending an email.

You can as well file a complaint with the Office of the Attorney General of Massachusetts. You can also contact the office by calling (617) 727-8400 or lodging a complaint online.